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Initiatives & Schemes

M T A   I N T E R N A T I O N A L

MTA was the brainchild of Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifat-ul-Masih IV ra, and ever since its inception MTA has been a unique channel in many respects. Its focus lies in producing programs that can be enjoyed by people of all ages at all times. It recognizes that television plays a significant role in the world and has accordingly devoted itself to applying this influence positively for the purpose of educating its viewers. MTA's future is not dependant upon commercial sponsorships or license fees, thus allowing it to concentrate on producing a variety of programs on a range of subjects for its viewers in all parts of the world, without sacrificing standards.

Visit the MTA International website.

H U M A N I T Y   F I R S T

In 1993 during the growing crisis in Bosnia at the time of war Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad ra founded a relief organization by the name of Humanity First. Its mission is to help ease the suffering and create a sustainable future for the victims of war, aggression, famine and natural disaster. From Europe to Africa, Humanity First has extended its operations to sixteen countries and is actively working every day.

Visit the Humanity First website.

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